10 marzo 2013

XS 650:: Wheelyshop:: Wout Warreyn photography.

Gracias Wout por enviarnos el último trabajo de "Wheelyshop" y que tan bien has fotografiado.
Después del salto podrás leer la historia de por qué se ha construido esta moto así como la lista de los componentes añadidos.

Un saludo!!!


 "Initially Marc Devriese (Wheelyshop, Belgium) wanted to build a bobber based on a Yamaha XS 650. He welded a hardtail to the end of the original frame and crafted a fake oil tank to house all the electrical components. The battery itself was discarded so kickstart only!

Then he stumbled upon a little gas tank which originated from some sixties moped. As this gave the bike a lean and sporty look, Mark decided to go for something completely different. Racy upsd, radial master cylinder and billet calipers are indeed not your usual bobber parts.

The the sparkle paint design replicates the swinging era, a time when measures to make a bike faster were often more straightforward. Losing weight was the first objective and if parts could not be discarded, they could be drilled to make them a bit lighter. So as wheels are pretty essential, Mark gave them spin of the mill. 

A lot of the parts were hand made such as the beautiful downpipes and the calipers- and engine mounts. Nevertheless Mark managed to complete this project in less then two months as this bike had to be present at the National Cars & Bikes show, held in Brussels during January 2013.

Photos by Wout Warreyn. Visit wowart.be for more XS 650's build by Wheelyshop.

- Shinko tires
- Motomaster disks and master cylinder
- Beringer calipers
- K&N airfilters
- Highway Hawk speed and exhaust wraps
- 4Racing adjustable clip ons
- Goodridge brake hoses

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