24 julio 2012

'92 R80 BMW Brat Tracker::Nicholas Damen.

“My name's Nicholas Damen. I'm 29 and I live in Hobart, Tasmania. I'm an Electrician who likes to make surf films in my spare time. When faced with the decision from your old man as to whether you want $3000 cash for your inheritance or his BMW R80, what do you do? Take the BMW and customize it, of course.
My dad Alex has had bikes all his life and bought the BMW around 10 years ago. He had it set up mainly for touring, complete with panniers, crash bars, fairing etc. I'd always liked the big awkward looking cylinder heads on beemers and had one day planned on getting one. I started out wanting to build a café racer but after researching parts and spares I soon realised the BMW café racer had been done many times over and done so well. So I decided to try and do something a little different, I guess I've ended up with a street tracker brat.”

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