02 abril 2012

FabFour::Vicious Cycles Singapore.

Vicious Cycles Singapore (VCSG) is the brainchild of a few individuals who share the same philosophy in life. We love bikes, we love to ride, we love design, it is more than just a motorcycle workshop. It is our lifestyle. It is a culture that we believe in and hope that one day, we can spread and share the enthusiasm to everyone.


It may have been about 6 - 8 months ago when our friend Azmi came to us with a near-stock Honda CB400Four, wanting a cafe racer out of this classic remake of a beauty. Progressively we have turned Kuina (as named by Azmi) into this retro racer that she is today.
We finally have the time to catch up with him, a nice, short Saturday afternoon ride out.. We are really glad that he's loving the ride and the attention he's getting right now is apparently overwhelming.

Most important of all, he no longer gets question like "Eh this one Super 4 ah? Why 4 pipes ah?". What can we say, we are just very happy that he's found love in a hopeless place and keep the dream alive!

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