30 mayo 2017

Chris Guest.

¿¡¡¡A que te gusta!!!?
Impresionantes las obras de Chris, nosotros, desde ahora mismo, nos hemos hecho seguidores de su instagram, facebook, pinterest e incluso twitter... ¡Vamos, que muy fans!


Chris Guest is a London based Artist.
He creates paintings in a classic figurative tradition, coupled with a contemporary twist, utilising classical drawing and oil painting techniques, learnt at London Fine Arts in Battersea.  

He began painting and drawing from a very young age, and first started making money from art aged just 14, drawing portraits of music icons for other pupils at school.
At age 18, Chris began showing his work in galleries in Cornwall, and has since exhibited extensively throughout the UK and the US.
His originals and prints are collected worldwide, and his art has been featured in many magazines, publications and galleries around the globe.
Chris also teaches painting and holds regular workshops around the UK.

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  1. una genialidad, me encantaron estas imágenes... belleza pura y me intriga por las modelos reales ja.... saludos...

  2. Gracias por tu comentario JLO!!!


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