17 noviembre 2015

Team OEM's Distinguished Gentlemans Ride!

There are a lot of DGR films out there, and without causing offence they are all very similar (in that they cover the event itself) which is great but being that we always try and do the unexpected, we have done something different and shot this DGR from Team OEM's POV.
This is what its like to be part of Team OEM, having a bit of fun whilst helping to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause.
Check out our Sponsor Us Video Here - youtube.com/watch?v=gNlXcGZJ8Nw
Big Thanks go out to:
the exceedingly talented Harry Watchman for continually writing incredible tunes for our videos! check him out here -soundcloud.com/watchmanh
Hedon - for collaborating on our amazing OEM/Hedon Helmets in our bespoke colour way- (soon to be available)
Gibson London - for sponsoring us with the stunning 3 piece Donegal tweed Suits.
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and here for our Twitter - twitter.com/oldempiremcycle
Ride safe!
Rafe and Alec

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