05 marzo 2015

Honda CB750:: Made Men Bikes

"Hi :-)
We allow hereby to introduce ourselves, send some pictures and info about the bikes we have just finished building. 

We are a small shop located in Denmark / Scandinavia, we build bikes in a variety of different styles. Since we are not millionaires, we see a major challenge in turning old smashed donor bikes into high perfomance total renovated custom bikes. Which bike we build depends very much on what we can afford, but never compromise the quality of the finished result. We are of the opinion that anyone can build a super cool custom bike if the budget is big enough, but not everybody can turn scrap to sought after custom bikes with small means. We love to be able to prove that it does not require a professional shop with a shitload of expensive tools, but you can built a custom bike just as well if not better with a welding machine, grinder, good ideas and diligent hands. We build bikes with our heart and put all our passion in every bike we're doing".

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