17 noviembre 2014

Fixed On Fixed.

Fixed On Fixed is a short film clip profiling five female bicycle riders and their love of riding fixed gear.
Riding fixed gear is not only about the bike but also the community that comes with it and this particular fixed gear community is a small, passionate collection of riders who all share a love of riding slightly differently from one another.
Fixed On Fixed profiles each rider, along with the group as a whole, to share their individual story and collective experience in what riding means to them.
Director: Raechel Harding - raechelharding.com
Cinematographer: Sherwin Akbarzadeh - lightningstruckitself.com
Music: Samplify - samplify.com.au
Creative Mentor: Ilana Werba - bigtreefilms.com.au
Promotion: Rachel Service - rachelservice.com
Titles: Graeme Offord - graemeofford.com
Focus Puller: Michael Lincoln - michaelincoln.com
Movi Operator: Brett Harrison - twitter.com/_brettharrison
Stills Photographer: Hayley Van Handley - flickr.com/photos/gingervanhandley/

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