02 octubre 2014

BERHAM Customs.

What's the point of riding a custom vintage motorcycle? An explanation without words.
Told by & with the help of: Christian Pfeil, EPICMAN Production (Director/DP & Producer). H.-J. Berndt, Filmhaus (Consultancy). Leo Plank, MOVING CINE COMPANY Fahraufnahmen GmbH (Crane-Operator). Christian Bernutz, cine4kopter (Stabilized Head-Operator). Tobias Vorbrodt, MOVING CINE COMPANY (Precision Driver). Roman Zimmermann (Multicopter Pilot). Fabian Köhler (Multicopter Camera-Operator). Justin O’Shea (Production Assistant). Kristian Raue (Editor/Composer), Sebastian Moretto (Color Grading).
Music: K_Chico "Burn"

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