06 diciembre 2013

Zephyrus:: Ton-up Garage.

Gracias Pedro y Daniel por enviarnos vuestro último trabajo, un buen trabajo!!!

The Zephyrus first apparition was at the 2013 Distinguished Gentlemans
Ride at Oporto late September.
This time we had a client that came to our shop and asked us to build
him a café racer motorcycle. Comfort wasn’t an issue, only pure racing
The base of this motorcycle it’s a 1993 Kawasaki Zephyr 750.
Regarding the engine and electronics, we’ve just changed the air
filters and rejected the bike to work with those filters and new
exhausts. The rear section of the bike was completely removed and a new
one built instead. We’ve built a rear cowl with the shape to go along
with the rest of the bike and built a new leather single seat. The rear
section of the sub-frame was bent to fit a small taillight. We’ve also
built new side panels to cover the electrics and battery. A new front
mudguard was built. We’ve removed the rear and front footpegs and
fitted a rear set to accommodate better de rider with the new riding
position, because LSL clip ons were fitted on the bike, replacing the
old handlebar. We’ve also fitted LSL Clubman headlight and LSL
headlight supports. The wheels were replaced for a new set of black
spoke wheels and new wet race tires were fitted to improve handling,
but also for the aesthetics look of those tires J Front suspensions
were shortened on the front and a new setup was set.
We’ve decided to paint the bike in black, grey and yellow and called it
Zephyrus, name of the Greek god of the west wind as you won’t see it
coming when it passes you and it was born in the most western country
of Europe.
Pictures were taken by our photographer Joel Bessa. (www.joelbessa.com)
Short movie by thesearefilms.com (www.vimeo.com/80105379)

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