21 septiembre 2013

Left Hand Cycles:: "The Transformer"

Gracias Lex y Richard por enviarnos vuestra ya septima transformación acompañada de una original manera de presentarla.


Imagine its 2043 and you live at the planet Cyberton.
There is a war between Autobots and Deceptions.
Involved in this war you have to chose between your caferacer or your scrambler.
Not easy if you like them both !
Our solution is The Transformer.
Which simply means you can change your bike,in the style you prefer.
The Transformer gives you the oppertunity to change tank, handlebars and cables ,in a short while, so your bike looks completely different.

Maybe you know this one because it's the rebirth of the "Acid King".
This bike saw the daylight a couple of month ago.
We created  a neat cafe/brat, with a rusty tank and industrial look.
Searching for more fun,we customized it into a scrambler !
We removed clippons and changed them for a wide enduro handlebar.
Brake /Throttle /clutch cables are replaced for longer ones and the small "special" tank makes it look  totally different.
It all depends on which style you prefer but with the "Acid King Kit" you can simply transform it into a caferacer.

front tyre        : Dunlop K70
rear tyre         : Dunlop K70
seat               : LHC made
electric           : LHC made
exhaust          : LHC made
front light        : Bates 
rear light         : Bates
wheels /frame : powdercoated
extra               :"Acid King Kit" 
                         Includes : rusty tank ,clippons, brake /clutch/ throttle cables

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