21 mayo 2013

SHINYA KIMURA - "Motorcycle Mechanic".

"In his own words, Shinya Kimura is a motorcycle mechanic. To the rest of the world, Shinya is an artist, building kinetic sculptures that are and very labor intensive, one-of-a-kind, and ultimately utilitarian. Raised in Tokyo, he moved to LA about a decade ago to actually escape his growing fame and to quietly go on with his life as a mechanic. Acclaim has annoyingly still followed him. His bikes are tough, perfectly made machines that are thrilling to ride. In this film, Danielle explores briefly why motorcycles and what makes the work compelling for Shinya, and the feeling he gets while riding. The film is a supplement to the third issue of On Paper Magazine."

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  1. There are many good mechanics in this world but I've never seen such passion in the eyes of one before. Shinya Kimura seems to live inside the motorcycle world as he creates such great machines. :)
    - TheCycleExchange.com


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