10 julio 2012

Moto Guzzi Le Mans III "Midnight Crash"::4h10

Gracias a Nico y compañia (4h10) por contar con 8negro para compartir su nueva moto recien sacada del horno.

 While waiting for our short movie, i am introducing you 4H10 New Bike. 

Made out a Moto Guzzi Le mans 3, here is the point  :

A few weeks ago we showed you the BMW R100 Nico called "Silver Bug"

Now no more childish Bikes and low skills driving under the pretext of "brand new engine", we move on to serious matters, to the beauty of Italy versus the coldness of Germany, the melodious sound rather than empty exhausts, to mechanical pleasant whims than the infallible BMW (or so) : a MOTO GUZZI.

In the beginning, there are key moments in life like that. Times when we're tired of driving on less than 5 years Japanese  with 100 hp in the engine and a donkey on the handlebars. And it is this time that we launch a challenge.

Mine was embarking on this project  with only mechanical experience knowing how to grease a chain ...

No, you're not dreaming, it's a guzzi california with 260 kg on the scale, advanced commands and cow horn handlebars, in short the perfect base!

And then you say: "But why does he talks about Le Mans, while it is a california??"

And then I answer: "This bike belonged to a friend. He had bought a california but with a dead engine. Few weeks later, he found in a stock exchange,  a Le Mans III engine with less than 10 000 km. He worked on it, changed all the seals dried by time, and put it instead of the california engine

As i am a lucky boy,  all the guzzi  frames of that time were the same. :) Thank you Mr. Tonti

With the frame and engine, here I am with a dragster. Let's do the hardest work, change the aesthetic..

Among the changes:

- Painting the frame in light bronze

- Front fork cut and lowered

- Chrome front mudguard fitted to the fork brace

- Reconditioned brake callipers and hoses Aviation

- Cb 750 light with yellow varnish

- Platinum counter homemade

- Multi position Tomaselli handlebars

- Guzzi Jackal aluminium Stalks

- Engine painted in black high temperature

- 1000 SP Tank adapted

- Homemade Saddle

- Tarozzi controls

- Dunstall Replica Exhausts. The melodious noise was made with the help of a rod..

- Several parts polished

- Electrical system completely redone with two different system  (one for ignition, one for everything else ...)

- Home made painting in JPS style

In the end, I end up with a noisy bike, uncomfortable as it should, that smells of gasoline, but with torque to spare and a great frame. The true definition of café racer for me!

Thank you to those who followed me, and made their advice helped in this project and Nico who helped me push it more than once when I was running low of battery :)

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