09 julio 2012

LOVE STORY::Winning Looser::El Solitario MC

Everybody thinks that the Winning Loser was thought as an exercise, a design study, a motorcycle not meant to be ridden… but as usual, everybody is wrong. Our little Yamaha 250 gets ridden every now & then by Lazlo, who is one of the chosen few with the talent and balls to beat the tricks out of this untamed mini-gladiator. Obviously with a 3 liter gas range you cannot go far, but every time there is an opportunity to take the metal chick for a spin, she performs in all her glory. Last time was in Biarritz and we had fun watching her playing cheeky on all roundabouts and other city games. That Sunday she & Lazlo kissed the tarmac, (after jumping over a speed bump), while crossing the french town of Anglet with our LondonistanBrothers. It wasn’t the first time though and it won´t be last either, but it did leave another scar on the WL´s metal body… which unexplicably we happen to love!

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