19 julio 2012

Electricity Inside - About a Skate Video.

Watching a Kilian Martin skate video filmed by friend and collaborator Brett Novak is akin to witnessing Michael Jordan fly through space to dunk a basketball for the first time. It is poetry in motion, and hard evidence of athletes near the peak of their creative and physical powers. As captured with Brett’s elegiac cinematography, Kilian takes freestyle skateboarding into the twenty-first century with his artful and inspiring take on handstands, helipops, and heel flips.
More on: theavantgardediaries.com
Learn more about Kilian Martin: kilianmartin.net/ and Brett Novak: brettnovak.com/
Production: Kitty Bolhoefer/ Filming & Photos: Fridolin Schöpper (fridolinschoepper.com) / Editing: Konterfei / Music: Bunnystripes / Sound: Kevin Pate

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