05 junio 2012

The Right Ons::Purple Neon Lights.

Purple Neon Lights (official teaser)

Small rays of purple neon melting down the sky
your words turn into hurricanes, oh baby
But even though i rolled the dice and this heart shaped piece of gold
will guide me thru the darkest night, i have no choice, my game is dumb
You got me?

Your eyes as bloody as Jupiter, you might be ruled by Mars
Last of the beggars royalty, sweet baby
However, i'll wake up alone, i'll feel crucified
My tongue is jumping on razorblades. 
I'll show the world my game is dumb.
You got me?

We can't get out. 

Sick pigeons fluttering down the street, diving in my bones
Lay back, enjoy the souvenirs: grenades and time bombs

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