30 abril 2012

Ducati 900 SuperSport::C2R.

Sven, thank you very much for sharing with 8negro!

 Hi there,
we have recently build a 1992 Ducati SS Cafe Racer & maybe you want to post some pics on your awesome blog ;)
I had the bike for almost 4 years now but it was just a daily driver, nothing really pretty to look at.
So we decided tu turn it into a Cafe Racer with an dark & evil paint job ;)
We started a small business called Cafe2Ride (www.cafe2ride.de) last year and this Ducati now is our second bike and we also have two new bikes as projects to come.
The Duc is basically just build for myself because it was my bike and everyone needs one to ride through summer ;)
Maybe we will sell it in October when it gets dirty and rainy here in Germany ;)

So what have we done:
New Paint, Custom Frontfender, Custom Seat & Upholster, New Frame (The old one had dents^^), Custom Instruments, Went back to Original in the Front (Handlebars/Fork Crown), K&N Filters, New Jets, and minor things...
We didn't cut the frame because so I can use the Bipostoseat if my girlfriend ever wants to join me on a ride ;)
Greetings from Germany,

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  1. Que hermosa máquina!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing!
    I really appreciate it ;)



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