13 abril 2012

Customised Motorcycle collaboration created for One Hand art show::Maxwell Paternoster

 This is a collaboration between 4 artists. The bike was purchased, dissasembled and modified a bit, then all the parts were painted white like a blank canvas. Each artist then took a piece and painted it with whatever they wanted, adhearing to a pre discussed color scheme.
As well as the paint on the metal parts the seat was covered by upholsterer Duncan Gardiner, then colored by Shema Ladva. The engine was hand engraved by me and polished a bit.
The bike was then re assembled at the One Hand Art Show on brick lane in september. Thanks to my father for the re assembly due to my broken collar bone. Thanks to Izabela habur For the photos.

The artists are:
Adam Bartlett
Lewis Campbell
Shema Ladva

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