12 febrero 2012

cb750 by Tige Eakin.

Muchas gracias Tige por enviarnos y compartir tu magnifica Honda, ha quedado increible!!! Felicidades.
Ahora al resto de los mortales nos toca babear.....
I can officially call the bike completed!  With the exception of some minor carb tuning and eventual dyno tune, it is done for the last time.

Final completed version.
915 Stage 3 head with 5mm valve conversion, Thanks Mike Rieck
APE race crank with Super rods
Heavy duty primary and cam chains
Heavy duty studs
Mega cycle 175-25 cam
Mukuni RS 34 carbs
Dyna 2000 ignition
APE clutch
Back cut trans
Boxed swing arm
Works rear shocks and Race tech spring and emulators in the front
Brembo rear master cylinder and braided brake lines from slingshot cycles
530 chain conversion with Sprocket Specialist hard anodized aluminum rear sprocket
FunJimmy rear set brackets with Joker Machine Rear sets, Thanks Jim!
Hard welded rockers
Vortex clip ons
Shaved GL top tree
Venhil 888 quick twist throttle
All led lighting with the exception of the H4 headlight
Fresh paint by Meticulous Paint, Thanks Larry!
A bunch of other bits...

Thanks for looking.
Tige Eakin from Seattle, WA

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