15 enero 2012

Rod & Todd Design.

So….. Who are we??

Roy Norton and Thomas Kasher are our real names. (Roy is 6’4″ and looks like a Giraffe, and Tom??……. Well he’s a Gok Wan look-a-like gypsy.) We are both pretty down-to-earth and hope to think we are likable chaps. Rod ‘n’ Todd was coined by our good friend Mark Wells’ wife, Jenny. and has stuck with us to this day.

We both have a passion for all things cool, including motorcycles. We set out within this project to create a bike which filled the void of cool bikes for the younger generations, and provide a solution to appeal to exsisting riders and hopefully draw in a new crowd completely.

The Project will eventually be displayed at the New Designers 2011 show in London, but there is a lot of work has to happen between now and then. So Howay, let’s gaarn!!


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