21 enero 2012

The Racer Ratatoskr by FarmerSR.

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  1. One of my newyears resolutions was not to say anything bad about other peoples bikes, so I will make an analysis insted.

    It seams that every man and his dog want to put Firestone tires on there bikes these days, and they are cool - but on all bikes? I for one would not like to drive with them... THey are for show, but there are not much go in them. They are slippery when new, and do not trasfer the braking power very well. So tires with no performance... I don't understand?

    The side plate faring is an original and funny idea, but on this bike it completely f*ck up the lines of the bike. The rear end of the faring is not the same angle as the nearest frambar, and the top of the faring do not follow any line with the tank? It could have been made with more care to the detail... Close but no cigare.

    I am sorry if I sound like an angre old man, But I do not get this bike design.

    With kind regards,


  2. Anónimo5:24 a. m.

    Well maybe considering this is a photoshoot, the firestones are just for display?

  3. Let me explain the idea of the bike - no offense taken, there are many different trends in bike design:)

    This is all about looks, having fun and telling stories through design. The Japanese builders are the experts of these trend. Building bikes looking older than they actually are - using materials and parts at hand. The side panels are supposed to be added to the bike. The miss fit is a perfect fit. A story of "I needed this, so I made them in my workshop". A layed back approach with no polished chrome.

    Happy riding - we have snow in Sweden for 3 more months:)

    Farmer's racer


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