12 enero 2012

CX500 by Phil Sconce.

Thank you very much for sharing with 8negro. A greeting!
"Hello from Olympia, WA, ....I totally dig your blog. I am constantly amazed at the bikes and culture information that you manage to put together.
After seeing your post the other day "http://www.8negro.com/2012/01/cxy-500-by-ied.html" I thought I should share pictures of my completed build.
I have a 1981 CX 500 Custom that started out chunky and chromed, but after some modifications has become a sporty little ride. I just started removing parts and it kept looking and performing better. As it sits now: bobbed rear fender, LED turn signals, bobber tail light, clubman bars and mirrors, sightly padded skateboard deck seat(my first attempt at upholstery), K&N drop in filter(I ride in the rain to much for pods), rebuilt and jetted carbs, Mac 2-1 exhaust into a Yoshimura can off of a mid 90's Katana, scrapped piece of bronze turned into a licence plate holder, finished off with a rattle can paint job and pin-striping by local sign painter Vince Ryland. It's not Rat and it's not show quality. It's loud and fast and fun .I built it in the parking lot next to my truck when it wasn't raining to hard!
Hope you enjoy the pics.
I look forward to more awesome content on your blog. Thanks for sharing".-Phil Sconce

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