22 diciembre 2011

Modern Motor Cycle Company.

To explain more about MMCC, and it's founder Christian Condo, here's an excerpt from the article ‘Much to Learn’ published in Head Full of Snakes magazine:
“Modern Motor Cycle Company is quite straightforward as an idea. It’s a workshop and a shopfront where Christian can sell some parts and some posters while making bikes of his own initiation as well as bikes for customers and friends. Christian trained as a car mechanic, and then as an industrial designer. Having found himself then designing shitty kitchenware for a couple of years in CAD, and feeling a disconnection from the realness of mechanical work, he started MMCC to make bikes and hopefully combine his design and mechanical training. At times he’s felt the frustration of having too much mechanical work and not enough time making bikes from the ground up, but on the whole he’s doing pretty well. I think he is satisfied.”

Excerpt from article ‘much to learn’ from ‘Head full of snakes issue one’.

Modern Motor Cycle Company

Directed by Aaron Cuthbert
Edited by Aaron Cuthbert/
Produced by Aaron Cuthbert/Tom Broadhurst

A Bandit Films/Fuel Magazine Production

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