19 noviembre 2011

An Interview With Ray Gordon: The Man Behind The Lens.

Matthew Welsh es el responsable de uno de nuestras webs favoritas, "The self-centered man", y ahora mas cuando nos ha enviado un correo para decirnos que le encanta 8negro. Gracias Matthew!!!!
En su web hemos podido leer una entrevista que te recomendamos que leas encarecidamente a uno de nuestros,también, fotografos favoritos,Ray Gordon.

The photographer is Ray Gordon. Ray’s recent work titled, “Throttled,” has been making its rounds throughout the web with rave reviews. With a little googling and an unwildered sense of attraction to find more about the shot shown above as well as the man who shot it, I started to unravel more information than just a guy who takes motorcycle photos.

I managed to track Ray down in Oregon and explained that I wasn’t just another blogger. I don’t even really consider this website a blog. More of a magazine in my opinion. Anyway… I explained that I was a photographer and motorcyclist that really wanted to know more about some of these shots and Ray’s process and background. Ray Gordon’s shots seem to bring out an enthusiastic approach to the “uh-oh” factor… these aren’t static images.. they are crafted moments in a life that many of us secretly yearn to be a part of…
So with that said, here are twenty questions with Photographer Ray Gordon by The Self-Centered Man.

1. TSCM: What was the first year you considered to yourself that you were a “professional” in your field.
RG: It was the year that I decided that I sucked at working for other people because I knew what I needed out of life and they didn’t. It wasn’t their fault. It was 1996.

2. TSCM: What would you say your “go-to” camera is at the moment. The one that you favor over the others when you shoot. Are you particular on a certain lens when shooting non-commercial subject matter?
RG: I always use the same set up. Canon 1DS’ or 5D’s with a 24-70 2.8L. Every once in a while I’ll go to something wider if the situation permits or for portraits I like a 50mm 1.4 fixed. I am not a big technical nerd so I like to keep my toolbox simple.

3. TSCM: Do you collect camera’s? If so are there any that you just couldn’t live with out.
RG: I have a collection of old cameras. Rollieflex’s, 50’s and 60’s 35mm’s, Polaroid Land Cameras, Toy camera’s and my first camera a Nikon FA. I pull them out when I feel like I need to remember who I am. I started out using those cameras to build my book. There was no such thing as digital and I was poor. They made you think. You had to know what you are doing. It was more of a craft than it is now with digital. But I’m not over romantic about it. I like digital way more. I like to be out shooting and enjoying myself. I love instant gratification. It helps me sleep at night.

Para leer el resto de la entrevista y disfrutar de una buena web:

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