09 abril 2011

Tip 2 Tip - Seven Ghosts: The Teaser.

Gracias Willy por hacer que empecemos el sabado con muy buenas vibraciones. Qeu bueno!!

On March 20, 2011, Rip Curl International team riders Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and original Searcher Tom Curren followed the latest Tip 2 Tip odyssey deep into the heart of Indonesia to be part of a groundbreaking mission to the freshly discovered, flawless waves of a remote river known by the nearby village as the Seven Ghosts...
What ensued was a surf session like never before. Get a taste of the Search trip that the surf world will be talking about for weeks, months and years to come on http://www.ripcurl.com/tip2tip/

Full release of the Seven Ghosts videos will happen on April 11.
Music Artist: Phoenix
Track: Love Like A Sunset Part 1

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