12 abril 2008

Únete a la moto convoy de Charley-Join Charley's motorbike convoy.

Ese era el remite que encabezaba un correo entrante. Que emoción, ya recibo y todo invitación oficial para formar parte del nuevo proyecto de Charley, aunque sea de bulto en su convoy.

Lo malo es que el tiempo esta muy justo Charley y no se si podré acudir a la cita, ya te diré algo amigo.

Corto y pego el correo por si alguno se apunta:

"With Charley gearing up for his new adventure, he has sent out an open invite to anyone with a motorbike to ride with him on a short leg of his new trip. Charley's new adventure, By Any Means, will take him from Wicklow in Ireland all the way down to Sydney, Australia. Unlike Long Way Down and Long Way Round, this time he will be using a huge mix of transport to get himself across three continents, pitting himself and the machines against a variety of tough and beautiful environments. We couldn't persuade him to leave out his bikes entirely so he'll be cruising through England on a custom made British motorbike.

At 8.30am on Tuesday 15th of April, Charley will be joined by an open convoy of motorcyclists, at junction 10 on the M40, and lead them to the Ace Café in London. Once there Charley will be ditching 2 wheels and boarding a Routemaster bus to get his four month expedition underway - so why not be there to wave him off? If you have a bike and are interested in joining this incredible biking experience, just be at the south-bound junction 10 of the M40 at 8.30am, on the 15th.

See you there!."

That was the forwards who led an incoming mail. That emotion, and receipt and any official invitation to join the new draft Charley, even lump in his convoy. The worry is that the weather is very fair Charley and I do not know if I can attend the appointment, and I will tell you something friend. Short and hit the mail if anyone points:


Charley Boorman sobre 3 ruedas.

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