12 enero 2015

The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop (by Brian Darwas).

Film maker Brian Darwas currently produces feature length documentaries on Hot Rod and Motorcycle Culture. All of which have gone on to win awards, and have been well received. He's now changing things up a bit, making a handful short films that anyone can share freely. 

"I feel it's important to our scene that high quality moving images, which can both awe and inspire, are available to anyone at anytime. My goal is to reach the younger generation. The generation of people who grew up on the Internet, and turn to it as a source of new ideas and inspiration. I'd like to instill in them the notion that hot rods, motorcycles, and building stuff by hand is still cool and relevant." ~ Brian Darwas

Each film will run anywhere from two, to five minutes. Once completed, they will be shared freely via the Internet, social media, etc. . . So, please share and help spread the word.

- When asked why he chose to film The Rolling Bones Brian Darwas had this to say:

"The Rolling Bones drive their hot rods from New York to Utah. . . race them at Bonneville, then drive them back home. I'm not sure there's anything else I could add that would give someone a better reason to document what they're doing." ~ Brian Darwas

- To see more of both Brian and The Rolling Bones' work check out:

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