15 noviembre 2014


"This bike represents the children memories of our client. He contacted
us because he saw our BMW Dark Law and he was confortable with our
previous experience customizing BMW motorcycles. The R75/5 belonged to
his stepfather and he remembered this motorcycle since his childhood.
This was a family bike but at some point his stepfather gave the bike
to a friend, although his friend left it parked in a garage for years
and the bike was really abandoned. He asked us for a bike with a
vintage style, with refined lines and glamour.

We took the R75/5 and completely dismounted it to a “million pieces”
and then rebuild it to the bolt.
We’ve rebuilt the entire engine and electrics; carbs rebuilt and
rejected, wheels and brakes rebuilt. Everything was made from new on
this bike. Fitted new air filters. We’ve built and fitted the entire
exhaust system. Front fork shortened and modified to keep working with
the new shorter specs and 2 new shocks fitted. A new subframe shorter
than the original one was built for this bike to accommodate 2 persons.
We’ve designed a new brown seat for this bike. Front and rear mudguards
were also built to fit this bike. We’ve used the stock front headlight
because it’s a nice piece and we’ve replaced the stock ignition for a
new ignition system, kept the stock speedo and rev counter original
fitted in the headlight and designed and built a new speedo polished
ring to fit it to the headlight and new pointers as the original parts
were ruined. New indicators and taillight fitted. Bike has a flat
handlebar and new levers and we’ve fitted new handlebar buttons to
control the electrics rewiring all the electrics through the handlebar
to keep it clean. We’ve rebuilt the wheel rims and replaced the stocks
19”/18” for two new 18” rims and stainless spokes. Rims and hubs were
powder coated and painted in black and fitted with off-road tires.

It was very important for us that our reinterpretation kept the BMW
identity with this new looks. We’ve painted the bike combining three
tones, dark grey, red and pearl white. We wanted to combine colors that
gave it a mature look and glamour, and the vintage touch that allows
our client to travel through is memories and Recall them.
Pictures were taken by our photographer Aloisio Brito and Ton-up Garage
Crew. (http://www.aloisiobrito.com)

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