24 noviembre 2013

Old Empire Motorcycles Film 'The Delivery'.

Hey guys,

Finally we have managed to get the film polished and ready for release! It took a lot longer than we had hoped but good things come to those who wait.
We are releasing it today on both vimeo and youtube, any help you can give in getting it out there will be as always much appreciated. 

Many thanks


Our first official road trip, travelling from Suffolk to the south of france over 1000 miles delivering the 'Hunter' a Honda CB250 Superdream to a good friend and customer.
To see more from us and the bikes visit- oldempiremotorcycles.com
To see more from the very talented Chris Fergusson visit- chrisfergusson.co.uk/
Special thanks to:
Azo Equipment
Ruby Helmets
Lewis Leathers
Fan Optics
Private White
Eastman Leather Co
Born and Bred
Foundry Motorcycles
Ekquire Motorcycles

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