02 octubre 2012

9 cosas que te enseña la moto....

  1. Choose your company wisely. You won’t let just anyone sit on your bike or take it for a ride. So why would you share your time with those who don’t respect who you are and will drain your energy?

  1. Feed it high quality nutrients. Your owner’s manual will tell you what grade of oil, fuel and brake fluid to use. Skimping can affect performance and your safety. Feeding our bodies a well-balanced diet of quality food, enhances physical health. Accepting positive thoughts and emotions and stopping the negative from using our energy keeps our spirit healthy.

  1. Care for it with appropriate products. Specific cleaners are designed for paint, plastic, chrome and windscreens. Even a good cleaner used for the wrong application can damage the surface. Our bodies are happiest when we care for them with healthy products, free of harsh chemicals and produced in an environmentally responsible manner.  Read: There’s Lead In Your Lipstick

  1. Listen to what it’s telling you. If your motorcycle starts sounding, looking or feeling different, check it out. Recently I felt a strange sensation through the rear brake pedal as I was stopping. When I checked the brake pads, they were worn out. I was surprised because it happened at low mileage, but because took immediate action, there was no damage to the rotors. Our physical body and intuition sends us messages regularly. Listen to what it’s saying. It could save your life.

  1. Use it. Bikes that sit in storage for extended periods of time can rust and seize up. They were made to be used and can’t serve their purpose while sitting in a garage. We were made to be on our Road too and actively fulfilling our unique purpose.

  1. Rest. A bike will go for extended distances without needing down time. But you do need to refuel, check the tire pressure, adjust the chain, check the oil, etc. We need to rest and refuel body, mind and spirit as well, especially on strenuous parts of our journey.

  1. Maintenance. Your owner’s manual tells you the frequency with which to perform routine maintenance, like oil changes, replacing spark plugs or air filter. It promotes optimal performance and prevents premature wear. Regular exercise, physical examination, screening tests all help keep us in top shape and give us early alerts if something is going wrong.

  1. Join a community. Between manufacturers, affinity groups, retailers, mechanics and aftermarket accessories, there is a wide support network of resources for our motorcycles. We need the same thing. This means finding others who share our interests, getting involved and contributing our time and resources to help others. The more we’re engaged in life, the more joy and fulfillment we receive from it.

  1. Adjust to the circumstances. If we’re going to be carrying a passenger or are loaded with luggage, we adjust the suspension. If we encounter a storm, we adjust our speed or pull off to let it blow over. Life throws us all kinds of curve balls. Being resilient, flexible and taking it in stride not only gets us through, it also makes us stronger.

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