05 enero 2010

Redwing boots by Marc Daffinee.

Colaboración de lujo desde los USA. Marc acepta nuestra invitación amablemente de pasarse de vez en cuando por 8negro y nosotros disfrutamos de su presencia. Gracias Marc!!!.

Redwing boots hot shoe to high street?!
No doubt most have noticed the manicured hands of the fasionistas of Europe and North America struggling with the laces of some Redwing boots recently. Aside from obviously being great boots for enduring hours of back breaking labour these are THE classic flatrack hot shoe boot. I challenge you to find a rider on "The Mile" with out a steel soled Redwing Irish setter boot on his left foot.

These boots ruled the dirt ovals of America from the early 60's al the way to the mid 70's when they were replaced by purpose made motorcycle footwear.

Dick Mann, Don Castro and Gene Romero: Motorcycle bad asses, speed freaks and fashion visionaries. - Most of all Triumph men.
Marc Daffinee.


SR500 Cafe Racer by Marc Daffinee.

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  1. Menudo Trio de Ases.... Gary Nixon, Don Castro y Gene Romero. Todos montados en Trident. Las monturas de Castro y Romero son Tridents con el famoso Rob North y horquilla ceriani


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